PiezoRD Research/Clinical System

Validated Physical Activity Data
Accurate, guideline-based measurements.

Accessible / Exportable Data
Physical Activity Guideline Metrics, Sedentary time, Daily 10-Minute Step Totals Histogram

The PiezoRD Health System is used in clinics, hospitals & research studies and is trusted by corporations, schools and individuals who want accurate and relevant physical activity data.

  • Counts all steps from 55 steps/min (very slow walking) up to full running speed
  • Tracks movement patterns throughout the day with total steps every 10 minutes
  • Tracks minutes of moderate as well as vigorous physical activity (MVPA)
  • Tracks last 7 day MVPA total
  • Tracks BOUTS of MVPA (earn a star on your PiezoRD for each 10 minute period of MVPA)
  • Tracks your total movement minutes (validated as a measure of anti-sedentary time)
  • Captures pedal strokes on all non-reclining bikes
  • 160 days of on-device memory
  • 136 day on device Q10 data memory
  • Edit moderate & vigorous step thresholds
  • Bluetooth upload to LogYourSteps health platform via free Piezo Sync App (Android & iOS)
  • Toggle between youth & adult mode.
  • Long life (1.5 yrs average use) replaceable battery
  • Display auto-resets to 0 every day at midnight
  • Clip & Go. Easy to use. No calibration required to get started
  • Large display, easy to read LCD
  • Loss prevention StepStrap
  • Cover to protect against LCD damage
  • 12 month manufacturer replacement warranty
  • Use LogYourSteps on smartphone, tablet or home computer
  • Easy to navigate 1 page platform
  • Intuitive calendar design displays your PiezoRxD data.
  • Color coding on calendar lets you see your progress ‘at a glance
  • Log healthy choices like meditation moments, water, daily fiber etc
  • Log key health data such as BP, glucose reading 97/day), lab results
  • Easily create & join step challenges
  • Connect your account with your Piezo linked Healthcare or Research Team
  • Workplace & school program admin accounts
  • Admin user: Generate detailed raw data report for research & program evaluation
  • Individual user: Create a report to share with your Healthcoach or Healthcare Professional
  • Evidence based tips & information
  • Data securely stored in Canada
  • Ad Free
  • Sync your PiezoRxD device with LogYourSteps
  • Sync your device to connected health & research partners
  • Toggle PiezoRxD between youth & adult mode
  • Adjust moderate & vigorous SPM thresholds
  • Delete all data on device
  • Adjust clock
  • Requires Android 4.4 / iOS 9.0 or higher. Requires a phone / tablet that supports Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE)

Research/Clinical Admin Functions

  • lock device (disable data delete & device changes to SPM settings)

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