At StepsCount - we understand that motivating change is not always easy! To get you going we have developed a line of affordable research class pedometers and awesome program resources.

StepsCount unique hands-on health teaching tools are designed to meet the real challenges in health promotion identified by you - our colleagues and customers.

Pedometers and You

StepsCount & You… Fit Together™

Recent research shows that our kids are spending an average of 6 hrs a day sitting in front of a screen & more than half of adults are considered inactive.

Making physical activity & healthy food choices a part of EVERY day is crucial… & the sooner the better!

StepsCount has easy to use and proven resources that will help you take steps towards a healthy tomorrow…

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Pedometers at Work

StepsCount & the Workplace… Fit Together™

Recent research shows that more than half of adults are inactive. And our health is on the decline. It’s crunch time!

We have to make healthy choices a part of every day… at home, at play & at work!

StepsCount workplace resources & programs are cost-effective & a great way to improve employee health & boost productivity & morale. It's a win-win…

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Pedometers in Schools

StepsCount & Schools… Fit Together™

Youth are spending an average of 6 hrs a day sitting in front of a screen – not including time in school!

The consequences are so significant, decreasing damaging lap-time is more important now than ever before.

Steps Count pedometers are affordable, accurate, easy to use & include a school competition platform… so it’s no surprise they are the #1 choice for Canadian schools and school boards.

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Pedometers in Health Care

StepsCount & Clinicians… Fit Together™

Physical activity levels are at an all-time low & the consequences are growing.

Research shows wearing an accurate pedometer is associated not only with increased physical activity, but also significant decreases in BMI and blood pressure.

You can impact physical activity levels during an office visit. Prescribe physical activity with an affordable, research grade StepsCount pedometer. That’s powerful medicine…

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Pedometers in the Community

StepsCount & Communities … Fit Together™

Communities are on the move & they aren’t taking the inactivity crisis sitting down!

Whether it’s a large scale initiative, a local walking group like ‘Get W.I.T.H. It!’, or a local library lending program… communities are getting results with StepsCount pedometers and program resources.

StepsCount can get your community moving towards a healthier future…

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Healthy Living Tools

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